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  • How to drink whiskey?

    2020年6月2日 作者

    Frankly speaking, how to drink whiskey is a big project. If I hit my own face, how to drink whiskey? Drink with your mouth. Indeed, there is nothing to teach or how to learn about drinking. Drink it and feel it with your mouth. But now with the Internet, with a comparison mind, with “step by step” and “learning”, systematically “learning” whiskey has become a learning. I have a knowledge to support wine, but that is limited to people who take this profession, because the industry needs to communicate and needs to use the system to guide guests. But the guests don’t necessarily need it, the guests just need to drink happily and afford it. If the guest’s money is not enough, we will help the guest find a cheaper wine that can meet the demand. For example, if you want to drag a car, you have money to buy a Porsche, no money to buy a BMW, and no money to buy a Mazda. It’s all the same thing. Wine may be high and low, but people are not. Moreover, whether it is a multimillionaire or a street cock, everyone’s true feelings are the same, there is no difference between high and low. Therefore, drinking “not tasteful” wine is just a problem of the wine itself. Don’t use this as an argument. So at this point, I will prepare a brief introduction white paper for everyone, talk about some of your favorite small problems, and let you do some popular science for everyone.


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