Should all old wine be poured out? Does old wine need more time to decant?

Contrary to popular belief, pouring out vintage wine is far from iron law. For example, Burgundy is famous for its delicious cuisine, and there are frequent heated debates among experts on whether to decanter wine. However, older wines such as Barolo and Barbaresco in Nebbiolo, as well as Rioja and other mellow wines, are usually strong wines Excellent choice.

If the initial taste of the wine is promising, it may not be necessary to pour the wine. Carefully pour the wine directly from the bottle into the glass. If you choose to pour wine, use a narrow glass carafe at the bottom to reduce the chance of further air integration and wine changes.

A common belief is that the older the wine, the longer it will open. But Mannie Berk made some more specific assumptions.

Burke said: “Before bottling, wines that are exposed to a lot of oxygen tend to respond well to oxygen.”

For Madeira, every ten years of bottled wine must be poured out at least one day.
Those Barolos, Barbarescos and Riojas that respond well to decantation? In most cases, their brewing methods involve large amounts of exposure to oxygen.

The most extreme example provided by Berk is Madeira, a wine that absorbs both oxygen and heat during the production process and is said to be used indefinitely after the bottle is opened.

“If Madeira is in a bottle for a long time, you may want to pour it out a few days to a few weeks before drinking, because it needs to change from an oxygen-deficient environment to an oxygen-recovery environment … I really like it, “he said.

Burke’s rule over Madeira? At least one day for every ten years of bottling.


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