How to choose stir glass

Good mixed glass is essential for any home or professional bar. But what should I know before buying? Of course, you should choose a wine that suits your personal style, but in addition to the aesthetic appeal, there are other considerations that will seriously affect your success in making the next stirred cocktail. This is a guide to mixed glass, and a breakdown of all the mixed glass (and mixing tanks) we provide to help you narrow the scope of the best mixed glass.
When to use stirring glass:

For stirred cocktails made entirely or mostly from spirits, liqueurs and fortified wines, such as Martini or Manhattan. You do n’t make things like margaritas or daiquiri in mixed glasses. Cocktails containing large amounts of juice need to be shaken in a cobbler or Boston shaker, rather than stirring in a mixing glass. For more information about when to stir or shake cocktails, please read Happy Hour: What is a mixed glass?
Good stirring glass:

Has a wider base so it wo n’t fall over

Open your mouth for a larger workspace + less splashes to pour ingredients on ice

Durable + won’t break easily

Enough to hold drinks + lots of ice cubes

Sit flat; do not sway while stirring

With nozzle for precise pouring

Straight wall design, can use a tablespoon to stir quickly and smoothly

Our blender guide:

First, check this chart to highlight the best function of each of our mixed glass.

Now, take a deeper dive, one dive at a time.

Seamless ordinary stirring glass

Umami Mart’s Seamless Seamless Plain Mix Glass is our most popular mixed glass. Like all our mixed glass, it is made in Japan, but this special glass is designed by FUBU (designed by ourselves). It checks all boxes for good mixing glass-wide mouth, straight walls, heavy base and beaker nozzles-but it surpassed in all departments. Sweethome named it “Best Blending Glass” and said: “Umami Mart ’s Seamless Plain Mixing Glass looks basic, but among the 13 blending glasses we considered and the 5 blending glasses we tested, stir and filter The competition with pouring is better than the competition. Matt is expensive, but its overall balance and ease of use make it worth the extra money. “

Diamond cut hybrid glass

If someone requests a “standard” for mixed glass, we must point out our diamond-cut mixed glass. With a classic diamond-shaped hatching pattern, it is the favorite of professional and home bartenders. Its wide mouth, heavy base, straight wall and beaker nozzle together constitute an excellent all-round stirring glass. And, those deep-cut diamonds mean easier-to-handle mixed glass!

Seamless diamond cut mixed glass

Seamless Diamond Cut hybrid glass is another hybrid glass designed by us. It is a more elegant and advanced version of the above diamond cut hybrid glass. Hand-blown and hand-etched, no seams can be seen on the glass! Its capacity is also slightly larger than standard diamond-cut hybrid glass.

Short-mix glass

We started importing short blended glasses from Japan because our friend Ramen’s bartender Chris Lane liked them very much. He explained: “They have shorter profiles and wider sides, so you can put more ice cubes in them.” The unique shape is a good one for those who want something different from the standard product Choice, but because it is not etched, it is easy to match with any decoration. One thing to note is that since it has no straight walls, you may need to adjust the mixing for the flared wall.

Stainless steel mixing cup

If you are klutz, a stainless steel blender might be your best friend – you will never worry about falling or cracking. However, in addition to its anti-fracture function, its stainless steel body also means that the beverage cools faster when stirred, and the internal ice dilution rate becomes slower. If you need to cool the ingredients quickly, you can even pour this mixing cup into the refrigerator (we do not recommend using it for mixing cups). Although the stainless steel mixing cup is the smallest of all our mixing vessels, it actually has the largest capacity!

Double wall stainless steel mixing cup

Finally, the Yukiwa double-walled stainless steel blender is an upgraded version of the above stainless steel blender. Its insulated double-wall structure makes the beverage colder, even longer, and prevents tin from condensing on the outside. The weight of the cup is heavier than that of the stainless steel mixing cup, so it is unlikely to tip over while stirring.


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