Knowledges about brandy

What is brandy vs what is brandy?
First of all, you may wonder what is the difference between brandy and cognac? All brandy is brandy, but only some brandy is brandy. Are you confused? Let us explain further … Cognac is a special type of brandy produced in the Cognac region. Just like champagne that can only be produced in Champagne, France. Cognac can only be produced in the Cognac region of France.

Brandy is a distilled wine made from grapes or fruits (such as wine), distilled and matured in oak barrels. In fact, wine is the first brandy to start, this particular type of wine is not very good for ordinary drinking. The wine must have high acidity, low alcohol content and residual sugar. The wine is heated at rest and the alcohol and wine water evaporates in it. The concentrated vapor is then cooled and condensed into very pure alcohol, which is then matured in oak barrels.

What is the quality brandy or brandy glass made of?
Standard Brandy Glass

In order to fully enjoy the complex aroma and flavor, you need to use a suitable brandy glass to guide the flavor to the right side of your nose, mouth and upper jaw. The best and most commonly used brandy and cognac glassware is whiskey glass. Known for its generous bowl size, it blooms and accumulates aromas and accumulates inside, thus giving drinkers a richer experience. I like this special brandy because the radius varies greatly from the rim to the base. When you raise a glass of brandy to drink, the aroma has a lot of room for expansion. Even if you smell it before drinking, you can easily notice the complex flavor.

Small brandy wine glass tasting cognac
Little Brandy Tasting

Quality cognac is very expensive. A small wine glass like this allows you to taste your favorite brandy and cognac to friends without appearing stingy. In addition, the basket can free up the other hand to prepare your own cigar or brandy glass. The natural wooden paddles are made with a timeless sieve shape, easy to pour, carry and serve guests. For your tasting choice, try different levels of cognac or several brands of brandy. You might choose distilled spirits from different types of fruits and then challenge guests to see if they can decrypt which kind of wine.


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