How to choose the best whiskey glass or scotch glass

After all, how to choose the best whiskey glass or Scotch whisky glass is a matter of personal preference, but there are still some important parameters to follow. They are:

  1. Whiskey glass structure
    Like all spirits, premium whiskey should have room for breathing and keep the nose and palate open. Therefore, the best Scotch whisky glass ensures that the liquid is easy to swirl and is not too hidden, nor can you sit at the bottom of the canyon (in other words, do n’t use a glass to drink whiskey). In addition, the shape and texture of the glass is usually the basis of the sensory experience. For example, the thin and curved body of Glencairn glass or slitters can optimize the dotting function. Following a similar approach, you should ensure that the glass is seamlessly drinkable through the round or slightly curved mouth.
  2. Glass texture and characteristics
    An elaborate whiskey glass should feel good in your hands. For this, weight, design and grip are all important.
  3. Whiskey glass appearance
    It may sound superficial, but the best whiskey and scotch glasses should look as good as they feel. In other words: aesthetics are important.
  4. Whiskey glass type
    There are a variety of whisky glasses to choose from, the most popular ones are whiskey, glass, Grankane, highball, tulip-shaped glasses and pure whiskey glasses. Find the one or two glasses of whiskey that suits you best and drink it like a professional. This is a list of whiskey glass types.

The tumbler glass has an immediately recognizable outline. Commonly known as rock glasses, old-fashioned glass or low-profile balls, you will find this whisky glass in every good bar.
The Glencairn glass is the most commonly used whisky glass when tasting whisky. Designed for social drinking, the thicker container allows you to easily move the glass.
Snifter is a short stem glass with a narrow top and wide bottom container.
The tulip glass is characterized by long stems. This is an important addition because it prevents hand oil from coming in contact with the edge of the glass, thus providing a cleaner experience.
Neat glass is the latest stirring drinking technology. The neat glass is designed to elicit irritating vapors from the nose, so that ethanol molecules can escape through the opening naturally, leaving our favorite delicacy.


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