How to drink whiskey?

Frankly speaking, how to drink whiskey is a big project. If I hit my own face, how to drink whiskey? Drink with your mouth. Indeed, there is nothing to teach or how to learn about drinking. Drink it and feel it with your mouth. But now with the Internet, with a comparison mind, with “step by step” and “learning”, systematically “learning” whiskey has become a learning. I have a knowledge to support wine, but that is limited to people who take this profession, because the industry needs to communicate and needs to use the system to guide guests. But the guests don’t necessarily need it, the guests just need to drink happily and afford it. If the guest’s money is not enough, we will help the guest find a cheaper wine that can meet the demand. For example, if you want to drag a car, you have money to buy a Porsche, no money to buy a BMW, and no money to buy a Mazda. It’s all the same thing. Wine may be high and low, but people are not. Moreover, whether it is a multimillionaire or a street cock, everyone’s true feelings are the same, there is no difference between high and low. Therefore, drinking “not tasteful” wine is just a problem of the wine itself. Don’t use this as an argument. So at this point, I will prepare a brief introduction white paper for everyone, talk about some of your favorite small problems, and let you do some popular science for everyone.

What can I drink and what should I drink?

Whiskey is a refined classification of grain distilled liquor. Around the world, the definition of whiskey is not exactly the same. But basically, whiskey refers to: distilled wine with fermented grains and the participation of malt. Aging process involving oak barrels. Except for some American honey whiskey and laurel whiskey, most whiskeys are also “original”, that is, after the barrel is finished, the whiskey does not add other flavor substances except for blending and downsizing.

But despite this theory, there are actually three main types of whiskey:

Scotch style whiskey, Irish style whiskey ,bourbon.

This point is of course to facilitate the explanation of the problem. For some well-known reasons, Taiwan, China, Japan, India, Australia, Denmark, France and other countries have participated in the whisky brewing. These factories also gradually have products on the market. You can define a Japanese whiskey style, but it doesn’t matter. Does Taiwanese whiskey have its own style, then India? What about Australia? What about Denmark? In fact, Japanese whiskey is Scotch style whiskey. There will not be any “contradiction” in a pile of Scotch whisky. That’s why I say this. Of course, there are indeed special products such as Mizunara barrels in Japanese whiskey, but it is obviously not suitable to be cost-effective-Nantou in Taiwan also has orange barrels and lychee barrels. Scotch whisky is distilled twice, mostly in old barrels, there will be pure malt, and mixed grains; Irish whiskey is distilled three times, mostly in old barrels, there will be pure malt, and mixed grains; Bourbon whiskey uses new barrels, will use such as rye , Wheat, corn and other raw materials, the proportion of barley malt is low. In fact, the difference between Scotch whiskey and Irish whiskey is not big. The biggest difference is the relationship between the two times and three distillations in the process-but in fact many Scottish distillation plants carry out three distillations. If you don’t understand it, you only need to know that the ancestor was Ireland, and later Scotland became the boss for historical reasons. Americans came up with fewer raw materials and used new oak barrels, a relatively low-end imitation called Bourbon. The difference between the two is that first of all, the Scottish-Irish style will be more slender (Ireland is particularly slender); Scotland will have a peat flavor; Bourbon whiskey is sweet, fragrant and rough. But it came to light on the paper. After I had a drink, I understood everything. For Bourbon, the famous Maker’s mark is the masterpiece. If you like Bourbon, you are happy in a sense. The world of Bourbon is not as fancy as Scotch whisky. Those wineries just drink it one by one. There are not many people who can get it in the country. It is very beautiful to have at least some Rye whiskey.


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