How to choose the best whiskey glasses?

Until now, I have never found a cup that can fully display the flavor of whiskey and can bring a perfect absorption experience. Each cup has its own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, it is easier for me to choose whether to drink purely for enjoyment or pure tasting (which cannot be combined into one in my opinion), or the style, complexity, age, and bottle wake up Differences such as status are used to judge that the original cup is more suitable However, sometimes the judgment will be wrong, so there are also cases of changing cups halfway.

So crystal whiskey glasses,bullet whiskey glass,personalized whiskey glasses like some diy glasses as jack daniels glass?Which is the best whiskey tasting glasses?

There are three basic principles for choosing whiskey glasses shape

1. The change of the whiskey glasses edge

Impact on the drinking experience-It is related to which part of the tongue will be contacted first when the liquor is imported. This small detail will affect the development of the taste experience. My habit is to subconsciously touch the first drop of whiskey with the tip of the tongue no matter what type of cup is used. However, such as whiskey, spirits with an alcohol content of not less than 40% abv cannot be unsweetened, or even very sweet. The complexity of taste changes cannot be compared to wine, and the point of initial contact between the liquor and the tongue is less important.

Importance when choosing a cup shape-the most secondary or unneeded factor.

2. The change of the whiskey glasses mouth

Impact on drinking experience (1) The more cup-shaped collection-the easier it is to gather the aroma released by the liquor, making it easier for drinkers to experience the impact of aroma and amplify the expression of various flavors.

Impact on drinking experience (2) The more open cup shape-weakens the impact of aroma, making it easier for drinkers to experience delicate changes in aroma.

Importance when choosing a cup shape-the most important consideration.

3. The height of the largest cross-section of the cup belly and the surface of the liquor after the wine is away from the mouth of the whiskey glasses

Effect on drinking experience-related to the area of the whiskey in contact with the air, which determines the rate of oxidation of the whiskey in the glass. The rapid oxidation speed changes the sense of smell and taste experience faster, otherwise the state of the liquor changes more gently and softly when the glass is awake.

Importance when choosing a cup shape-an important consideration that takes precedence over changes in the cup opening.

Characteristics of various common whiskey glasses types



The whiskey glasses shape I use relatively is neither characteristic nor much detrimental to the acceptance experience. It is suitable for comparing and drinking the same style or different versions of whiskey.

Bordeaux glass & white wine glass (sherry glass, champagne glass for certain smell)

Bordeaux glass & white wine glass (sherry glass, champagne glass for certain smell)

One of the two whiskey glasses shapes that I usually use.

(1) The ultimate experience of aggravation-whiskey with strong aroma but rich flavor elements such as Ardbeg Supernova, Octomore and other heavy peat flavor or heavy sherry flavor bottling, but if the drinker is strong alcohol, mud Don’t use this type of cup with a more restrained mouth if the atmosphere of coal and barrel is not suitable.

(2) Conventional experience-the style of aroma expression is delicate, elegant and delicate, but it needs to strengthen the impact of alcohol, peat, and barrel-style whiskey, such as the feminine, feminine bottling of Laphroaig, the Macallan’s Traditional style bottling, Glenfiddich’s single barrel vintage bottling, etc.

(3) Sometimes in order to experience the special aroma of certain wines, such cup shapes are used, such as Lagavulin, Dalmore’s orange fruit elements, Ardbeg’s lemon peel and floral elements, Talisker and Brora’s marine elements, and many Speys. The plant and flower elements of the plug and highland distillation plant and so on.

Burgundy glass (Sangiovese glass, certain white wine glasses for specific varieties)

Burgundy glass (Sangiovese glass, certain white wine glasses for specific varieties)

Two of the two whiskey glasses types that I usually use. It can fully demonstrate the complexity and variety of the wine’s aroma performance-the wide and weakly restrained cup mouth softens the impact of alcohol, peat, and barrel-type breath. Oxidation, especially suitable for whiskey with complex and delicate original barrel strength (not too low).

Noble rot glasses (the same goes for tall tulip-type spirits glasses)

Noble rot glasses (the same goes for tall tulip-type spirits glasses)

I rarely use the cup shape. It is a special glass for sweet wine (spirits). The design of the edge of the mouth is to allow the tip of the tongue to touch the liquid when drinking. The belly volume is very small and the height of the cup is low, which is conducive to the smoothness of the liquid. Oxidation. I only use it when I want to appreciate a complex wine slowly and quietly, and occasionally use it for tasting or enjoying high vintages, high vintages or antique spirits (but this kind of wine is actually still more robust It’s so energetic, so it’s almost seldom needed. Of course, all spirits can be used to drink it, and it can be used as a professional drinking cup like the Glencairn cup.

Old fashioned whiskey glasses (tea bowls, bowls and various drinking glasses are the same, as long as they are not too deep or too big)

Old fashioned whiskey glasses (tea bowls, bowls and various drinking glasses are the same, as long as they are not too deep or too big)

I can’t do tasting and enjoyment at the same time. The mentality and the spirit I put in are completely different, but even if the whiskey is excellent and complicated, it is for people to enjoy. This glass will definitely affect the diversity and richness of the aroma, reduce the structure and expressiveness of the aroma, it smoothes all the edges and corners of a glass of whiskey, but it can make the glass of wine smell more rounded and mature, which is for enjoyment. No more, no less.

Choosing whiskey glasses is a very personal thing. Everyone has different thresholds for various types of aroma experience. I cannot evaluate the specific cup type of a brand according to the requirements of some friends. The shape of the whiskey glasses is much more important than the brand, and it is only known after use that which whiskey glasses is best for you.


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