The top 10 best champagne

The difference between champagne and sparkling wine

  1. Champagne is a region in France. In French, Champagne means champagne producing area. Only sparkling wines from the Champagne region have the right to be “champagne”. And this is protected by law. If there is a production area outside the Champagne region that dares to call itself Champagne, then the wealthy “Champagne” will send a strong legal team to charge you. So friends, it is not correct to see sparkling wine as champagne. Among sparkling wines, the price and price of champagne are the highest, which is closely related to the champagne’s complicated craftsmanship and higher quality. The sparkling wine has bubbles because it contains carbon dioxide. Some very cheap sparkling wines are made by manually adding carbon dioxide to the wine. Simply put, the gas is directly “hit” into the cheap wine. This is how carbonated drinks are made. This cheap sparkling wine usually starts with strong and large bubbles, but it quickly disappears. The general sparkling wine uses another method, called the secondary fermentation method in the tank, this method relies on the sealed wine tank or wine tank. Pour base wine (wine liquor produced after the first fermentation of grape juice) into a wine tank. The secondary fermentation of wine is carried out in the wine tank, producing bubbles (carbon dioxide). The “Champagne Brewing Method” used by Champagne is to perform secondary fermentation in the bottle. The carefully selected base wine (wine produced after the first fermentation of grape juice) is placed in a sturdy wine bottle, and some sugar and yeast are added. Then seal it with a wooden stopper. Yeast causes the liquor to ferment in the bottle for a second time, forming carbon dioxide (bubble) that dissolves in the wine and leaves some sediment. The reaction between these precipitates and wine, called yeast self-decomposition, makes wine particularly delicious. At the same time, the complex procedures of “shaking bottle” and “rehydration” are used to filter out the sediment of the wine to make the liquor clean and clear. The “champagne” wine made by the champagne method has more delicate bubbles and a more complex taste. This taste is more like a butter, cream bread, or dough-like taste, while the concentrated acidity and A slightly cold taste will make you really fall in love with champagne.
  2. Champagne brewing method is also used in Spain, so the price of CAVA is slightly more expensive than ordinary sparkling wine, and there is a certain guarantee in quality. Two: The 12 most famous champagne brands in the Chinese market 1. Champagne Moet & Chandon   

Beginning in 1743, Moet & Chandon carried success and endless charm, and won the reputation of “Imperial Champagne” for being loved by Napoleon I. For more than two centuries, Moet & Chandon has been the tribute of many European royal families. In 2009, it became the only designated champagne at the 81st Academy Awards ceremony. In China’s major supermarkets, you will find that as long as there is champagne, there are Mo Yue champagne, so the most influential champagne in China is Mo Yue champagne.


  1. Champagne Perrier-Jouet  This year’s Hurun Wealth Report shows that the favorite champagne brand of the Chinese rich is the Paris Champagne. Paris Flower Champagne has the reputation of “Champagne Princess”. The reason why Paris Flower Champagne has such a great influence in China is of course thanks to the famous Champagne Perrier-Jouet Cuvee Belle Epoque. The Paris Flower Champagne brand is owned by Pernod Ricard. After 2 centuries of ups and downs, the Paris Flower has already become a world-renowned champagne brand. The bright and elegant champagne charm and the chic anemone pattern bottle design all show the elegance of this champagne princess.
  2. mentioned champagne, everyone will definitely think of Don • Perignon Champagne. The Champagne King is named after Father Don Perignon. The priest of the Church of Saint Benedict was born the same day as King Louis XIV and died the same day. He spent almost his entire life in a wine cellar in Hautvillers, a small monastery in the south of the region. There are rumors that it was Don Perignon who invented champagne, so his portraits and statues hung everywhere in the Champagne area. In China, Don Perignon Champagne King is also well-known and a well-known brand for champagne lovers.
  3. Champagne G.H.Mumm Champagne G.H.Mumm is known as “the champagne of the king”. The prominent royal families in Europe, including Austria, Hungary, Belgium, the Netherlands, Prussia, Denmark, Sweden and Norway, all fell in love with the style of Mamm champagne. Today, Mam Champagne is still the official supplier of Queen Elizabeth II, and its bottleneck is also decorated with a royal certificate. It is precisely because of the connection with the royal family that Mamm Champagne is selling in the Chinese champagne market. Mam Champagne can be seen in major star hotels in China.
  4. Champagne Taittinger (Champange Taittinger)    Like the Moet and Champagne Champagne, it has a long history and distinguished status. Since the 1980s, Taiting Champagne has invited well-known contemporary artists to With his strokes, he once again opened an artistic door for champagne and art. This year, Taitingzhe Champagne signed a contract with FIFA to become the official designated Champagne wine for FIFA.
  5. Champagne Armand de Brignac   In a Champagne blind tasting competition organized by Fine Champange, the only champagne professional magazine in the world in 2009, there was a dark horse, with an average of 96 points A decisive trump card was scored, leaving behind big names such as Moyue and Princess Louis. This black horse is the Spade A Champagne. The most unique of Spades A Champagne is its bottle. Its unique gold bottle design is said to be inspired by a famous French spade fan who loves Spades A. This design is very gorgeous and extravagant, adding a lot to the luxurious temperament of Spade A champagne.
  6. Champagne Louis Roederer (Champagne Louis Roederer)    It can be said that Princess Louise Champagne is the only champagne in the world specially created for the Tsar. Tsar Alexander III of Russia loved champagne very much, but he was afraid that others would not know that the champagne he drank was a royal wine specially brewed by the winery for the Russian royal family. Therefore, since 1876, the Princess Louis Champagne winery has designed a unique champagne, which is packed in a special crystal bottle to highlight the difference between it and ordinary champagne in a glass bottle, and called it “” Crystal Champagne”.
  7. Champagne Krug    If the top luxury car is endorsed by “Rolls Royce”, who should be responsible for top champagne? “Cook Champagne” is a deserved candidate. It once enjoyed the reputation of “Rolls-Royce in Champagne”. Cook Champagne’s elegance, dignity and rareness make it a rare treasure for a few people. Of course, such rare wines are also the darling of experts: Cook Champagne is synonymous with top wines in the European and American industry media “Wine Analyst” and “Robert Parker Guide”.
  8. Champagne Veuve Clicquot (Campagne Veuve Clicquot)    Vagina Champagne originated in 1772. By 1775, Vagina Champagne creatively brewed the world’s first pink champagne. Since then, it has become a pink champagne brewing Standard. Regardless of scale or quality, Victory Champagne has now become one of the most important vineyards in the Champagne region. The most famous champagne in the Victory Champagne brand is La Grande Dame. It is the first champagne made in 1972 to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the Victory Champagne. It is the most famous champagne in the Victory Champagne brand.
  9. Champagne Laurent-Perrier (Champagne Laurent-Perrier)    France Roland Baiyue Champagne is a series of products under the French Roland Baiyue Champagne Group. Roland Park Hyatt champagne has become one of the most respected champagnes in the world. Since 2002, Roland Park Hyatt Champagne has become the official PGA (American Professional Golf Association) designated champagne and the only designated champagne at the Academy Awards.


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