Why more and more people like to hand-made coffee ?

Entering the cafe, the barista kindly asks you “drink Italian or hand punch?”, looking up at the menu. In addition to the familiar latte, cappuccino and other Italian coffee, I found a column next to it -“Hand-made coffee”. “What is Italian, and what are hand punches?” “What are the differently shaped utensils on the bar for?” “Kenya, Guatemala, Ethelbia Yega Xuefei, how to choose, drink it What does it taste like?”… A hundred questions were silently accumulated in my heart. (The guests next to you have finished ordering and sat down happily to drink coffee.) Penguin Jun knows that you want to ask these questions for a long time. This time, I want to talk to you about “what is hand-made coffee”, why more and more people are keen to explore the beautiful flavor, and even set up different utensils to enjoy the fun of making coffee at home. I hope that after reading the article, you can eliminate the sense of distance your opponent rushed before, and truly open the world of coffee. Believe me, you will find that drinking a delicious cup of coffee is so happy!

1 | Instant vs. Hand Brew: Why should brew coffee be filtered?

The 1+2, the slogan of “the dripping fragrance, the meaning is still unfinished”, which is necessary for staying up late in the student days… At that time, the understanding of coffee was fixed in coffee powder + hot water, and it will change out after stirring A cup of sweet “coffee” with milk flavor. Until I went to college, my roommate brought a packet of “coffee powder” by chance. I scooped a spoonful and added hot water to stir, but it didn’t dissolve! Not only is there a lot of coffee grounds left in the cup, it tastes bitter and astringent! (I thought it was weird at that time. Was this coffee powder broken? How could it not dissolve and it was difficult to drink! Looking back now, it was really too
young too simple) Because instant coffee is extracted from coffee extract, it can be directly dissolved in water. And what about the coffee we usually drink? As I said before, coffee beans are the seeds of coffee fruits, which need to go through a series of processing and roasting, and then use a grinder to grind the coffee beans into uniform and fine-grained coffee powder. The aroma and flavor contained in it can pass The water is released and becomes a drinkable coffee liquid. After the extraction is completed, the coffee grounds that are insoluble in water naturally lose their function! It is the same as making tea. After the beautiful substances in the tea are extracted, the tea must be filtered out, otherwise it will be unhappy if you drink it.

2 What is hand-made coffee?

The essence of hand-brewed coffee: extraction & filtration In order to drink clean coffee without residue, smart humans invented filter paper to separate coffee liquid from coffee residue. But then there was a problem. The filter paper needs something to support to better separate the coffee grounds from the coffee liquid. We call this device capable of carrying filter paper and coffee powder as “Filter Cup”. With a filter cup, filter paper, a one-handed pot, plus a bottom pot that can hold coffee liquid, the hand-punching equipment is basically complete! The filter supports the filter paper, pour the freshly ground coffee powder into the filter paper and pat it gently, then use the kettle to pour hot water into the filter paper containing the coffee powder: After the hot water and coffee powder are fully contacted, the beautiful ingredients After extraction, the coffee liquid is then separated from the coffee powder through the filter paper. Any coffee brewed in this way can be called “hand-made coffee”.

3 Why is hand brewing coffee so popular?

For me, the most important reason is of course delicious! Just use hot water to extract the beautiful substances in coffee beans, without adding anything else, this simple and direct brewing method, it is easier to drink the taste of coffee itself! The ever-changing coffee flavors brought by different varieties/different origins/different treatment methods are the reasons why more and more people are fascinated by hand-punching. A cup of delicious hand-made coffee is clean, balanced, rich in layers and has a distinct flavor. You can fully enjoy the personality of different coffee beans, African beans, sour and bright like the sunshine there; and Indonesian coffee beans have a strong aroma and low acidity. In addition, well-made, meticulous and elegant hand-punching pots, filter cups of various shapes and materials… The dazzling hand-punching utensils are just pleasing to the eye, revealing the goodness of the host taste. In the morning, if you can prepare a hearty breakfast for yourself and make a delicious cup of coffee, I believe that the good mood of the day will be lit up! Weigh the coffee beans, grind them into powder, and enjoy the happiness surrounded by the aroma. Wet the filter paper gently, pour the coffee powder into the pat, pat it into the hot water patiently, and finally filter it out of the cup. Hand punching makes people have a rare calm and concentration, how fast our fast-paced life needs healing~

4 In fact, it is not troublesome, anyone can play with hands!

Is it hard to make coffee yourself? actually not. If you are willing to spend 3 minutes making a pot of tea, then making a cup of coffee is not difficult. For example, the process of making tea can be as simple as a glass and hot water, or it can cover everything from bowls to scented cups and fair cups. The same is true for coffee. Hand punching is simple and scientific. To put it simply, as long as you have a good powder-to-water ratio, you can control the water flow and have a certain stability, thick or light, like bitter or sour, can be controlled by the coffee maker. As for appliances, if you feel that going out is too cumbersome to bring a bunch of appliances, then the ear-hanging bag only needs hot water and a cup to get it! “Hanging ear bag” can be understood as the most simple and simple “hand-made coffee”. The ear-hanging bag is itself a “filter paper”, and we often ignore the small ears that we forget to fold. It is a simple support (it must be wordy, drink the ear-hanging bag and remember to fold the ears and hang it on the cup), Add hot water and the coffee will be brewed quickly. Although the loss of freshness and flavor is inevitable, it is really too convenient. Speaking of science is because making coffee by hand is like an interesting experiment, constantly awakening your inner spirit of exploration. As your understanding of coffee gradually deepens, you want to understand the degree of grinding of coffee beans, water temperature, water quality, water flow, extraction time, and even the method and timing of water injection. Every small factor change will have an impact on the final flavor. . So, drink more and compare more practice, in order to make this cup of coffee in your hand more and more close to the heart.


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