Teach you to mix like Steve Schneider

1 Communicate with your eyes. no matter when.

“Keep your head up and make eye contact with people. Whether you are wiping the bar, pouring ingredients into the glass, or shaking the wine. Let the guests know that you have seen them, and it is best to see them as soon as they enter the door. If you don’t forget to make eye contact, then even if they have to wait, they know that they will not be ignored. A sentence of “Sir, just right” can wait anxiously, because there is nothing more annoying than being ignored. It’s like going It’s frustrating to talk to a girl but she ignores me.”

2 Learn to mix wine quickly.

“The flow of the wine as it leaves the bottle, observe the balance of the wine in the blender, and finally taste the results, and believe in yourself. Don’t make mistakes; know that quick bartending is not easy, which is why Employees Only is one of the few homes still Stick to this bar. It is indeed more convenient to pour the measuring cups into the bartending and listen, but from my experience of twelve years, the quick bartending skills as a team, we made more than 182,000 cocktails last year, not yet Including golf, sip, beer and wine. Two workbenches, three bartenders, open 362 days a year, ten hours a day, which means that every four minutes when the bar is open, a cocktail is prepared. It can be said that through With solid and repeated training, you will be able to do it in half a year to a year. You can make the same cocktail 15,000 times during the year, and you can do it with your eyes closed. Your effort is worth it.”

3 Your relationship with guests is more than a quick transaction.

“I like to influence others in a positive way, regardless of whether the other party is a customer or a bartender. One of my favorite episodes is that once a man and a woman entered the bar and told me that they met at this bar, I gave them Mixing wine, now the two are married and are celebrating their wedding anniversary. To be a part of other people’s life. Even a tiny part will make you feel great. This job is an expansion of my love for others , Meaning far more than the bartender itself. It will continue in your previous life. Imagine what happens after I am over the age of an army bartender? If I run a bar, others want to work for me because they believe me , Like me. If they don’t like you, why would they be willing to work for you?”

Four glasses of wine, two minutes, $64. Four glasses of wine, two minutes, $64.

4 The wine is made for guests, not for yourself.

I have tasted every glass of my own wine, really every glass, including the cloudy martini I made. But no matter how good your bartending skills are, there will always be someone who will get rid of your cloudy Martini, because what you do does not meet his taste. So I always confirm what they want repeatedly. Bartending is not to look cool, or even to allow guests to enjoy. This is my principle. Act like a champion, like a winner, like a good bartender, and the cool feeling will naturally show up. Don’t always think about showing off skills. “

5 Overall, enjoy the process.

“Before starting work, we will give each other a hug, and then use the freshman of one of our bartenders to ask each other,’Are we going to take the girls home tonight?’ .”

6 If you are too serious, the service will be discounted.

“This industry is sometimes too serious. In New York from 2008 to 2010, the bartenders at that time made a big fuss about what people drink, they will say’No, this is what you should drink. Zhao Ke I will This, Zhao No, you have to drink that.’ Or tell you,’This is the right way to stir, that’s the right way to shake the wine.’Once everyone knows about bartending, it becomes’ Let’s seem to be the first to set the standard, and some people dare to let go of their hands and feet. It was improved in almost 2011, and it was then that we won the title of the world’s best cocktail bar. In fact, every There is a wife’s real bar. I can target five unreal bars and five excellent bars. I would rather go to a bar with bad wine but excellent service. After all, there is a choice of bottled beer.”

7 Don’t treat guests as students.

“The bartender can get a lot of information about different wines and different ways of bartending. Sometimes there is so much information that they forget that customers don’t know much about them and they are a little impatient with customers. So You have to step back and think that good wine can attract people, but only when you feel at home can you attract repeat customers.”

8Don’t pretend to be famous. Even if you are really famous.

Heavyweight bartender.”I’m just an ordinary person. I’m just a bartender, like the people who helped me. I will never feel that I’m superior. That’s not my attitude to do things. It’s really a pleasure to see you in the door. Shocked and happy. It is an indescribable feeling, it can be said to be humility. But in the end, from work at six in the evening to four in the morning, I am not a rock star at home, but the one who is ready to serve you next time People. This is my credo. I used to drink a lot when I was working, but now I will only start drinking at the end of the shift. Because when guests from all over the world come to Employees Only, they want to see the movie. Me, not a drunken me.”

9 Don’t do what you don’t want to do.

“When I was undergoing various rehabilitation treatments in the hospital because of a head injury, I felt very pitiful and very depressed. I put three titanium plates in my head and my brain was slightly injured. Because I don’t want to stay there, So everything is suddenly hopeless. If you can’t help yourself, you can’t exercise your ability. Bartending, remembering the price and formula, working with both hands, I think it helped me heal. I did what I loved for the first time , Leading to problems that are far from the previous ones. So, I hope all bartenders ask themselves,’What do I want from this job? Do I want to work for a brand, or do I want to have my own bar? I am now Is bartending to be a musician afterwards?’I don’t know my career plan now, but the sooner I understand it, the sooner I can set goals. At the same time, you have to maintain discipline and enjoy what you are doing .Be a good employee. Meet people who want to work for you. Establish a relationship with others, and you can go far.


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