10 most popular cocktails

A drink is the key to the adult world. If you haven’t tasted drunkenness, and you haven’t tasted a little post-interaction, then your life hasn’t started yet, it can only be regarded as a trembling “girl student”.

Of course, as an independent woman, you should have the final say in order to go to the bar. Don’t give this “dangerous work” to your male companions, their taste buds and all kinds of “bad minds” may ruin your beautiful weekend.

Before drinking a glass elegantly, let’s choose “Wei” or “Indulgence” ourselves! In the face of “bar rookie”, we have given the following list, 10 most popular cocktails, there is always a glass that will please you.

MOJITO Mojito Ingredients: White rum, lime, lemon, white sugar, soda, mint, crushed ice Features: cool and refreshing

First of all! Tell the truth! You must pay attention to pronunciation. Fashion is not fashionable. It’s not just “more ink”, read with the teacher, Mo-Hee-Toe.

This cocktail is from Cuba and is one of the oldest cocktail varieties. The refreshing and cold taste is very suitable for summer, and it is a safer choice for cocktail rookies. The famous writer Hemingway was very fascinated by this wine during his stay in Havana, and Bond also drank this wine in “007: The Day To Die”, which shows that Mojito is very suitable for a free spirit.

If you are overwhelmed with alcohol, you can even choose “no wine”, it is still a good drink.

COSMOPOLITAN Cosmopolitan/Sihai Home Ingredients: Vodka, Cointreau, lingonberry juice, freshly squeezed lime juice, fresh orange peel Features: sweet and sour fragrance

This glass of wine is popular all over the world as a special wine for Carrie in “Sex and the City” and is Madonna’s favorite cocktail.

Cosmopolitan’s Chinese name is “Sihaiweijia”, which has a gypsy girl’s sexy. The sweetness of Cointreau blends with the sourness of lime juice and the fragrance of orange peel. This cocktail is very suitable for women. The orange-pink body and slender martini glass give this wine a high face value. Even if you don’t care about the wine, a graceful sip will add a lot to your style.

LONG ISLAND Long Island Iced Tea Ingredients: Vodka, White Rum, Gin, White Tequila, Lemon Juice, Orange Liquor, Syrup, Lemon Slice Features: Sweet and tasty, strong wine

In the bar, if a girl orders LONG ISLAND, it may attract the attention of friends, “What’s wrong? Stressed? Broken up? Yang Qianhua listened to more songs?”

“Long Island Iced Tea” does not contain tea, and is made of 4 kinds of base wines with an alcohol content of more than 40 degrees. If you are drunk, this is a very cost-effective cocktail that can quickly meet your needs. But if you don’t drink well, you must be cautious, because the cola and syrup in this wine subtly conceal the strong alcoholic taste, so this is a wine that plays a pig and eats tigers. The sweet taste makes people relax and vigilant. Unconsciously, “for a good night’s sleep”.

MARGARITA Ingredients: tequila, tangerine-flavored liquor, lime juice, coarse-grained salt, ice characteristics: rich aroma of tequila, just right acid and salty stimulation

Margarita is called “after the cocktail”. The cold wine glass, coarse salt and tequila, the rich and exciting and unpredictable taste seems to be flirting with a charming goblin.

However, this delicious cocktail comes from a sad story. Bartender Jean Durasa met the beautiful Mexican girl Margarita while traveling to Mexico and fell in love. However, when the two were hunting, Margarita unfortunately strayed and died in Jean’s arms. A few years later, Jean named this cocktail after his late girlfriend, using Mexican tequila as the base wine, lime juice is his sour heart, and the coarse salt at the mouth of the glass is his tears.

OLD-FASHIONED ingredients: Bourbon whiskey, bitter spirits, water, sugar cubes, ice cubes, lemon slices Features: bittersweet and sweet, rich whiskey aroma

This cocktail is made up of whiskey, bitters and sugar. It is usually decorated with a slice of lemon peel or orange peel. From the base wine to the cup shape to the color of the wine, it is full of nostalgic masculinity. It is the favorite drink of the actor Don Draper in the American drama “Mad Men”.

However, this wine is really OLD-FASHIONED, full of nostalgia. It should be a group of old Clara sitting and playing bridge drinking. And why do girls order this glass of wine? Maybe it’s for ordering this glass of wine to make the people around look sideways! There is no coolness to drink, and a halo of “people with stories” is automatically generated above the head.

PINA COLADA Coconut Grove Flavor Ingredients: White Rum, Black Rum, Pineapple Juice, Coconut Milk, Cherry, Pineapple Slices Features: Coconut fruit flavor is rich, full of tropical resort style

How happy is this glass of wine, just listen to the song named after it. Do you really want to take off your high heels and wear a straw skirt to twist it twice!

Pina ColadaKiwini Vaitai-Independently Bizarre

Pina Colada was born in Puerto Rico and is the country’s “national drink”. In Spanish, Pina Colada means “pineapple lush valley”. Friends who have only heard of lush flowers, now come to imagine a pineapple valley, does it feel very powerful?

This is a cocktail that is very suitable for drinking when you are on vacation by the sea. The cool and pleasant taste combined with beautiful white wine and tropical fruits. You can see Pina Colada dressed in various beautiful looks at the beach bars of major hotels. . Friendly reminder, coconut milk plus rum, this is not a low-calorie cocktail.

SINGAPORE SLING Singapore Commander Ingredients: Gin, Cherry Brandy, French Gallery Wine, Lemon Juice, Syrup, Soda Water, Lemon Peel, Cherry Features: Rich, sweet and sour taste, subtle herbal aroma

This is a feminine wine. In 1910, the bartender Yan Chongwen of the Raffles Hotel Singapore designed this wine specifically for female customers. Its taste has a complex level, and the unique aroma and healing effect of French Langjiu (not our Langjiu!) give it a mysterious oriental flavor.

The Singaporean ladies were very popular in the hot afternoon and ordered a Singapore Sling at the Raffles Hotel to cool off the heat and relieve fatigue. The gorgeous color of the wine and the face of the young lady with a small face are this tropical city. The most beautiful sunset scenery.

MAI-TAI beautiful ingredients: light rum, dark rum, orange peel liqueur, lemon juice, red pomegranate syrup, syrup, almond syrup Features: sweet and delicious, sunny feeling

If you work for a week and need some sweet stimulation to make your mood higher, MAI-TAI is a good choice.

If Pina Colada takes the passion and romance of the Caribbean, this cocktail created by California bartender Victor Begeron for two friends from Tahiti has both the cheerfulness of California sunshine and the innocence of Tahiti. The name of the cocktail comes from the Tahitian “maita’iro’a’ae” (meaning far away from the earth, intriguing joy). After being popular in California for many years, it appeared in the famous “Elvis” movie “Blue Hawaii”, and then became popular in the world.

MANHATTAN Manhattan Ingredients: Rye Whiskey, Sweet Metz, Angostura Bitter Wine, 1 Sweet Cherry, Lemon Peel Appropriate Features: A hint of bitterness in sweetness, a little medicinal fragrance

Like Old-Fashioned, this wine also has a strong sense of nostalgia in New York. It is a very popular cocktail in the social occasions of high society in New York.

The inventor of this wine is the mother of former British Prime Minister Churchill, socialite Jenny Jerome, was recognized as one of the most beautiful socialite at the time. In 1874, she hosted a celebratory reception for the newly elected governor of New York. The reception was held at the Manhattan Club. This cocktail specially designed for the reception was loved by the guests on the day of its launch and was quickly popular throughout the United States because of the success of the reception. This wine has a natural and successful atmosphere, especially suitable for semi-work social occasions.

DRY MATINI Dried Martini Ingredients: Gin, Vermouth, Vodka, Lemon Peel, Olives Features: Spicy and Stimulating

Finally, let’s finish with this glass of DRY MATINI called “Cocktail King”. This cocktail, invented by legendary bartender Jerry Thomas, has been loved by charming people since its birth in the late 19th century.

This is 007’s favorite wine and one of Churchill’s (why did you show up again?) favorite cocktail. You can also find it in close-ups of many movies. Its formula is simple, but it is a wine that checks the bartender’s level; it has a spicy taste, but it is necessary for people who are addicted to drink. In the words of Bond, “When you have drunk this kind of wine, you will be deemed to be you want.”

Although this is called a men’s cocktail, but women drink it has a sexy figure of a beautiful woman driving a jeep.

You should know the keywords of the wine list

Base Wine

The main ingredients of cocktails, usually used as base wines are brandy, gin, vodka, rum, whiskey and tequila.

Below, let’s popularize the most common base wine flavors: (make sure you understand at a glance)

Rum (Rum) Many feminine cocktails love to use rum as the base wine, there is a “tropical atmosphere”, that is sweet! Because it is a by-product of refining sucrose.

Vodka (Vodka) cocktails suitable for summer often use vodka as the base wine. It is colorless and transparent, as clear as water, and the prepared cocktails are often very pure. High alcohol content will produce a weak acid and spicy taste.

Brandy Brandy is a spirit, but it is distilled from wine or fermented fruit juice, so it will have a strong fruity flavor.

Gin Gin, also known as gin, generally has flavors of spices, herbs or fruits. Gin is the main flavor, and flavors such as lemon grass, cinnamon, ginger, citrus and coriander are also mixed.

Bourbon whiskey (Bourbon) produced in the United States Bourbon It is made from mixed grains, but the proportion of corn must be at least 51%, so Bourbon whiskey often has a distinct corn flavor. After aging in oak barrels, it will also have a distinct aroma of vanilla, caramel, honey and wood. The wine it makes is also more Man.

Scotch Blended Scotch whisky is brewed with grains, but Scotch whisky uses peat (Peat, a unique product formed in ancient swamp environment, often used as fuel) when brewed, so compared to other whiskies, it will With a clear smoky smell. Very manly…


This is a strong and (quirky) fun (strange) base wine, it is brewed by the tropical plant agave heart, so that kind of herbal aroma plus spicy rich taste, you know.


Choice and quantity control are where the bartender is. So it’s really not possible to mix two kinds of wine together to make a cocktail! A cocktail may have two or three kinds of spirits, and the liqueurs (Liqueur) added to the base wine are changed.

What is Creme de Cassis, Apricot Brandy, Kummel, Tia Maria, Crème de Cacao, Advocaat ), Bailey’s Irish Cream (Bailey’s Irish Cream)…… These inexplicable things can make the cocktail produce a rich taste.

Of course, in addition to wine, the change will also add something you can guess at a glance: such as fruit juice, fruit, mint and other vanilla…even cocoa powder, egg whites, skipping sugar (what are these ghosts?)

Flavoring Agent & Coloring Agent

There are two kinds of changers: taste medium and color medium. The former is used to adjust the taste, and the latter is used to make the cocktail show beautiful colors. This is easy to understand. When you look at the ingredients, you can guess its appearance and color. This is easy to understand. When you look at the ingredients, you can guess its appearance and color.

How is wine and chicken tail together?

Strictly defined, a wine made by mixing two or more wines is a “cocktail”. However, when you use wine as a song, have you ever thought about how “wine” and “chicken” are together? In fact, there is no official statement about the source of the cocktail. The two more interesting statements are-

Statement 1: During the American Revolutionary War, a general died in battle, and the general was deeply loved during his lifetime. Therefore, after his death, the subordinates “crowdfunding” the wife of the general who was good at winemaking and opened a bar in the military camp to help She makes a living.

In order to repay the soldiers’ care, the brave general’s wife sneaked into the enemy’s leader’s house on a dark night of the month, and grabbed the leader’s favorite rooster to prepare delicious dishes, and then collected all the good wines she had hidden. Mix it up and let the soldiers enjoy it. The soldiers happily put the rooster’s tail feathers in the wine glass to celebrate. The cocktail was born! (Innocent rooster…)

Statement 2: After the American Revolutionary War, in a bar in Kentucky, the United States often gathered a group of “cockfighting” drinkers. They discussed various interesting stories of cockfighting, and they kept adding wine, and finally the boss watched the wine. They were almost drunk, and they mixed the rest of the wine together and let the drinkers drink it for free. So there was the name of Cock (rooster) + Tale (story), and later tale evolved into tail (tail), and then the name of cocktail (Cocktail).


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