Do you know what is special about drinking martini?

Martini is the most exquisite cocktail

On the surface, a martini is a cocktail that can’t be simpler: only gin, vermouth and decorations in the iced glass. However, it is not an exaggeration to say that it is one of the most refined cocktails. People tirelessly seek to eliminate the “wetness” in wine. The sweet and soft Victorian “Old Tom” style gin was replaced by the heavier and more pungent “London Dry”
Dry)” style instead. Moreover, the vermouth it uses is getting drier. Finally, the “correct” ratio of dry gin and dry vermouth has become a seemingly endless topic. 1 of the second half of the 19th century The 1:1 ratio was replaced by the common 2:1 moderate dry ratio around 1910; decades later, the standard drinking method was super dry 5:1…After that, things started to get a little out of control, gin And Vermouth is hovering between 7:1 and 16:1 (the so-called Bone Dry Martini), and there will even be a staggering 25:1 (it seems that people are interested in continuing the proportional game indefinitely). Even so , Some people still complain to the bartender that there is too much vermouth in the wine.

Martini preparation techniques

Regarding its modulation techniques, people also hold different opinions. 007 insists on making his martini with a shaker (Shaken, not stirred), which is the wrong way to drink in the eyes of some bartenders. They think that shaking wine will dilute the strength of the wine and reduce the clarity of the wine. While the bartenders were arguing, Martini was already drunk by a scientist who loves the more serious, which triggered serious research on whether it is better to shake or stir. University of Western Ontario
University) Department of Biochemistry used experimental research and rigorous precision to four decimal places to prove that the shaken gin martini contains more antioxidants than the stirred one. Perhaps it is precisely because the martini formula is simple, the flavor of the ingredients appears more clearly, and the accuracy of the proportion is more important for the final taste formation, and it also makes it a wine that tests the bartender’s level: it is like a writing brush, the more Simple words are harder to write well. So about the entanglement caused by a glass of martini, there is still such a saying: people who walk alone in the wilderness often put a martini cocktail set in their backpack, so that when they get lost or feel lonely, they only need to make a glass Martini, someone must suddenly come out in anger-criticizing their practices for being too unorthodox. Veteran alcoholics are obsessed with its simplicity and strength, and dry martinis are considered the choice of those who “knowledge about wine”. In addition, the gin company’s marketing in the 1950s was also closely related to the popularity of martinis. The power of implantation and celebrity support in film and television works is unquestionable.

Which martini is good?

A very dry martini will naturally be regarded as a symbol of masculinity-for example, Hemingway, Churchill and Humphrey Bogart (a long list of European and American celebrities can be listed) must be deeply appreciated. So should I go to the bar and order a martini with dry soles? It is hard to say that the tastes of Europeans and Americans must be welcomed by the Chinese, and the taste standards of martinis are also changing with the times. Dry martinis emphasize the strong gin flavor of some gins, which may not be used by everyone; vodka is also common for martinis, but it may be too bland for some people. In fact, today’s martinis no longer blindly pursue dryness and strength, and there are more variants based on martinis than versions of the origin of martinis to meet the needs of different tastes. Asking the bartender to add enough vermouths to the wine is a good way to taste (not like drinking dry martinis is not a loss of face); in addition, the taste of gin also has a trend of diversification, not only Old Tom Gin has resumed production, and many “micro distillery” gins with different flavors are also emerging, constantly expanding the boundaries of gin. So choosing some gin with a softer style, less prominent gin, or with a more complex flavor may be another better way to try. Martini has become more personal, catering to different tastes. To order a martini, you need to make it clear to the bartender whether you want to use gin or vodka (as the base). Next, indicate the degree of “dry/wet” you want, and finally if you want to decorate with lemon zest instead of olives, then you also need to tell, or say “with a twist”. Under normal circumstances, the bartender may make a ratio of 5:1; if you order a dry martini, the bartender is likely to pour some vermouth in the glass on the inner wall of the glass, then pour it out, and then put the gin Or pour vodka into the glass. Dirty Martini is also a popular way to drink. In this case, you need to add some pickled olive juice to the wine, which increases the taste and dilutes the concentration-if you particularly like the taste of pickled olives; if you require gin and vermouth The ratio reaches 1:1, this way of drinking is called 50-50 Martini; if you ask for Perfect Martini, it does not mean that the taste of martini is perfect, but that half of the vermouth uses dry vermouth and half uses sweetness. think.


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