The mutual sympathy between wine and cigar: What wine is more versatile with cigar?

When you open a bottle of fine wine from the south of France, or a bottle of red wine from Bordeaux Pauillac, you may be surprised to find that the wine contains rich tobacco and smoky aromas. These tobacco aromas are cleverly mixed with fruity aromas. The spice smell produces a very charming taste, not only the spicy tobacco, but also the complexity and softness of wine. This fact negates some doubts, such as the taste of cigars that conflict with complex wines, and the time for wine tasting should be non-smoking.

Generally speaking, people think that sweet wines are more suitable for cigars. Because the trace amounts of tar and nicotine in cigars melt into your bloodstream, they will quietly take away part of your blood sugar, so your body will relax and feel slightly tired. The best enjoyment at this time is to add something sweet. But dry cakes and chocolates are far less effective than a cup of round sweet wine. Therefore, many people like to pair cigars with rich noble rot sweet white wine. Usually this kind of wine is sweet and greasy in a small glass, but when it is used as a cigar, the sweetness and the bitterness of the cigar will complement each other, making the cigar taste more mellow.

With spirits and cigars, the taste is usually more exciting. In particular, some sweet-tasting spirits, such as aged Scotch whisky, cognac and old rum, can be paired with cigars to create a unique style. When you choose these spirits to pair with a cigar, there is an important rule: the longer the wine is aged in oak barrels, the more suitable for cigars. Because oak barrels give the spirits toasting and vanilla flavors, all they can make the cigar taste richer and more aftertaste. If you add a few pieces of ice to the glass, the effect will be better. The cold body can offset the heat of the cigar and make the cigar more comfortable to smoke.

In addition to the above sweet wines and spirits, there are some fortified wines in between that are regarded as a perfect match for cigars. For example, sweet sherry in Spain and sweet port in Portugal. They are all blended and aged from sweet wine and brandy. They have a rich taste of wine and are stronger than ordinary wines. In the smoking rooms of British gentlemen, there is usually a port or sherry filter. Many people think they are the best partners for cigars.

Fashion from Japan-Whiskey and Cigar

Fashion from Japan-Whiskey and Cigar

In China, many people like to have a single malt whisky when they smoke cigars. This kind of collocation is considered very fashionable in Beijing and Shanghai, and everyone believes it is a very sophisticated British style. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. Although Britain produces whiskey, cigars and whiskey come from Hong Kong and Taiwan, and the source is Japan. Of course, this is a good way to match, especially the aged single malt whisky with Cuban cigars, both of which are worthy of being tasted slowly and are extremely delicate. Some people like to dip a cigar in whiskey and then light it up for a more intense taste. This is also a good way to taste cigars.

British tradition-Port wine with cigar

British tradition-Port wine with cigar

In many English-style cigar bars, you will see a peculiar filter. It is used to filter a sweet port wine. This sweet wine with sediment from Portugal is often the first choice for the British to pair with cigars. This custom comes from the Iberian Peninsula, and the Portuguese and Spaniards were the earliest practitioners of cigar pairing. For them, smoking a cigar is naturally accompanied by a glass of sweet port wine (or Spanish sweet sherry). This custom quickly infected the British, and until now, they are more keen on pairing port wine and sherry with cigars than Scotch whiskey.

The new trend-noble rot sweet wine with cigar

Noble rot wine is also one of the wonderful products to match with cigars. In the International Sommelier Competition held at the 15th Havana Cigar Festival this year, British contestant Peter Debrontai used Royal Tokaj This cigar finally reached the final. Some people describe noble rot wine that tastes like honey, and the sweet taste is exactly what many eggplanters seek. Tokaj Noble Rot is a very precious sweet wine from Hungary. It is made from grapes infected with special mold and has a strange moldy aroma.

It is said that the city of Tokaj was under the siege of the Turkish Empire in 1650, which caused the delayed harvest of the grapes, which were infected with mold and showed a semi-rotted and shriveled state. A Hungarian wine farmer used this grape to make an unusual sweet wine, which is now Tokaj noble rot. Some cigar enthusiasts describe the aroma of this sweet wine as “blistered dead wood aroma”. When it is added to a good cigar that is aged in place, it will bring people an extraordinary enjoyment.

The new trend-noble rot sweet wine with cigar

Leisurely style-old rum with cigar

80% of the world’s cigars are produced in Cuba. In this cigar mecca, you will often see local fishermen lighting a cigar at the seaside jetty while sipping rum in the sea breeze. Rum is a spirit brewed from sugar cane. After aging in oak barrels, it will have a charming vanilla flavor. The taste is easy-going and soft. Caribbean residents like to use it with cigars. Unlike cognac and single malt whisky, aged rum paired with cigars looks very casual and leisurely.

Rum is also a very common cocktail ingredient. Hemingway’s favorite cocktails, “Mojito” and “Daigiri”, are all made with rum. A sweet fruit cocktail with a rum tune, and a cigar will also have a good effect.

French exquisite style-Cognac with cigar

Through the expansion of Remy Martin and Martell in the world, the way of collocation of cognac with cigars began to become popular all over the world. Cognac brandy has a rich fruity aroma, sweet and round in the mouth, which can neutralize the spicy and dry taste of the cigar and make the cigar more rich. Especially the aged Cognac, because of its long aftertaste, it is especially suitable for collocation with good quality cigars. If aged whiskey and cigars show masculinity, cognac and cigars show even more exquisite beauty.

How does wine pair with cigars?

Cigars also have enemies in the wine world. They are red wines with heavy tannins and complex taste. When the strongness of the cigar meets the tannins, the astringency will be amplified and the taste of the cigar will become non-soft. Therefore, when smoking cigars, it is not appropriate to pair with too expensive red wine, otherwise it is a waste of behavior.

From the opposite perspective, white wines without tannins and rosés with weak tannins are actually more suitable for cigars. They not only enrich the aroma of cigars, but also cool and humidify your dry and hot mouth.

TIPS: When is the best time to pair cigars with wine?

Cigar smoking is relatively fixed, usually after meals. Cigar smoking at this time will make gastrointestinal peristalsis smoother and promote human digestion. This is why most people like to smoke cigars after meals. Drinking spirits after meals is also a common life habit of Europeans, because spirits also help digestion. So a cigar with a small glass of spirits after a meal is a kind of enjoyment that is beneficial to the body.

TIPS: Can Coke go with cigars?

You can even choose to match Coke with cigars, which is not without scientific basis. The large amount of sugar in cola will replenish the blood sugar that is quietly lost by smoking cigars in the eggplant guest. When you are enjoying a 500 yuan Cohiba, it would be a good idea if you don’t consider that such a combination will attract heavenly things. The match.

However, the combination of various cigars and fine wines is an intricate exploration game for cigars. There is no standard answer, as long as you find a combination that makes your taste comfortable.


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