Bartenders | Bartenders at home, just use these!

Unconsciously, I have been learning bartending for more than 4 years, and I have successively purchased a lot of bartending equipment. Let me share with you friends here.

Essential tools (with them, you can basically mix drinks)

Snow Kettle: divided into three-stage and two-stage. The three-stage style is more delicate, and the two-stage style is also called Boston. It can be mixed with fruit puree, egg white, cream and other things that are not easy to mix. In fact, for beginners, the Mason Cup can also be shaken, just close the lid and shake it lightly.

Ice strainer: It is useless for the three-stage type, but the two-stage type does not have a filter (it only has two cups), which is a must. The spring on the side is removed and thrown into the snow bottle can also help to mix the wine containing egg white and cream.

Measuring cup: How much juice, wine, and syrup are put in the cocktail. Generally, the products without measuring cups are only seen in restaurants and bars, and they are not expected.

Bartenders tools

Advanced tools (It looks like you are professional)

Bar spoon: There are not only shaking methods, but also blending methods. To put it simply, use a spoon to stir in the cup. When the spoon is against the wall of the cup, the handle will rotate. The thread of the bar spoon is more advantageous. And some wines will use a bar spoon as the unit of measurement, such as two spoons of sugar. .

Juicer: It is divided into Mexican style (like Mexican sombrero) and pressing style. Pressing and squeezing juice is fast, but when squeezing yellow lemon, it is easy to squeeze into the white sac between the skin and the flesh, forming a bitter taste. Mexican style does not have this Kind of trouble.

Liquor spout: It makes it easier to control the amount of wine poured out of the bottle. Most of the bars are inserted into the more used wine, and the high-end wine is basically not used. There are also some variants (the deer head of Yege)

Pounding: mashing mint leaves, sugar cubes, lime wedges…convenient and hygienic. I always use a rolling pin when I don’t have it.

Filter spoon: If the wine contains fruit puree, pomace, and broken plants, filter it with a filter spoon when pouring it from the Snow Kettle into the cup. The wine can be thick, but it must be clear.

Ice tongs: for icing ice cubes. This one is relatively unpopular. It seems that we all acquiesce that the bartender’s hands are clean and disinfected by 24 times… Most bars use shovel, I mostly use hands…

High-level tools

Bitter essence bottle: used to hold bitter essence. The unit of measurement for bitter essence is drops. The mouth of this bottle has only one small hole, which can control how many drops are added.

Ginger rub: rub the broken pieces and shake in a pot to increase the flavor of the wine. I only rubbed ginger and cinnamon sticks, and finally poured out and remembered to filter.

Iron skewers: insert olives, orange peels, fruit… it’s better to make a plate with a layered feel. Most bars use disposable bamboo sticks.

Goblet of Fire: Pour the ignited liquor between the two glasses. The bottom of the cup is very wide and can be used to cover the wine in another cup. The heated wine has a stronger aroma and a lower alcohol content. The most important thing is that it looks good when lit!

Filter spoon: Only used in two situations… One is to put a sugar cube in the mouth of the cup, pour it with spirits and light it to let the saccharification drip slowly. The other is when drinking absinthe, the absinthe is 75 degrees, and few people accept it directly. Just put a piece of sugar in the mouth of the cup, and use the tap to drip the ice water. After it melts, it will gradually fade. It’s easy to enter.


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