How to brew coffee powder?

  1. How to avoid the pits encountered when buying coffee beans abroad
  2. If you are not in the habit of drinking coffee, how should you drink it when you get a bag of coffee beans/powder

The first question, if you want to buy coffee beans abroad and take them back to your country, how should you choose them?
If you are shopping with a tour group, I suggest not to buy it, because you are not familiar with the place of life, and you don’t understand
Or if you don’t understand the packaging, it’s easy to buy very common coffee beans, or so-called local commercial beans, then it doesn’t make much sense.
I often have friends or regular customers who come to me with a bag of coffee beans and tell me how to drink this, or help me to grind the flour.
I refuse it, because you ask them again, how long have you bought this bean, “Oh, this, my friend gave it to me and I don’t know how to drink it. It’s been a year.” “I don’t know, my friend is abroad.” Cat feces bought for me”, I’m very unhappy at every moment, especially if I hold a pack of black and oily coffee beans and put them in for a year or two, because after they are finished, I have to clean the ground beans immediately. Machine.
When we are abroad, we try not to believe in “Blue Mountain” and “cat shit” coffee, because what you buy may not be true, and you may not understand it, so I took it apart several times. The coffee powder smells super strong flavor. The flavor is probably added during the roasting process. The fragrance is really weird. Even if the packaging is beautiful, don’t buy it if you don’t understand it. If you want to buy, go to some coffee shops that look good and ask if there are any fresh coffee beans. I believe that no matter what you know or not, I will recommend you as much as possible. When you want to buy it, you need to pay attention to the roasting date. Beans must be fresh. Remember to seal the one-way vents on the coffee beans package when you return home by plane, which helps keep them fresh.

The second question, when you are the recipient
First of all, if you get the coffee, look at whether it is a bean or a powder. If it is a bean, you have to grind it, and then look at the shelf life. Although you have to drink it before the shelf life expires, in fact, you can wipe it out as soon as you get it. Loss can’t come back like youth. But anyway, congratulations, you can buy yourself some home coffee. If you get beans
Option one, buy a simple grinder, either hand-cranked or electric. The price should not be too expensive. You may use it a few times. If you consider to continue making it yourself, buy a little bit better, and recommend specific ones later. Price point.
Option two, find a friend or a cafe to help you polish it. There will be more good people, but if your beans are the kind of black ones I said
The oil has been left for a long, long time. Remember to buy two cups of coffee. Although they don’t tell, they will feel bad about the grinder for five seconds. Then you have coffee powder. After you have coffee powder, you can turn the powder into coffee. There are solutions such as hand brewing, French press, Philharmonic press, espresso, smart coffee cup and so on.

The most economical thing is that you don’t need anything. Soak some water in the cup and let it sit for a while. After the coffee grounds have settled, you can drink it gently. It is not good. Of course not very recommended. . .
The second economical thing is that you can directly buy the inner packaging of the ear bag, and then put the powder in to drink by yourself. The inside is the usage of the ear bag, you can omit the step of unpacking, just put the powder in it yourself


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