Basic bartending tutorial for you, from getting started to breaking the bottle

From the introduction to bartending to the bottle throwing series, basic bartending tutorials, understanding the base wine of cocktails.

What is the base wine of the cocktail?

In fact, the base wine of a cocktail is the most important taste in a glass of cocktail, that is, the taste of alcohol, and it is also the most indispensable part of a cocktail. Almost all cocktails are based on the base wine and add other ingredients. Seasoned.

Classification of base wine?

In fact, it is the foreign wines people around us talk about. Generally speaking, they are five major base wines (vodka, gin, whiskey, brandy, rum) or six major (vodka, gin, whiskey, brandy, rum, tequila) The difference is that there is no Tequila (agave). As for some Chinese liquors mentioned on the Internet, I’m sorry, everyone knows that liquor is rarely drunk like this, but in recent years a strange flower called “Jiang Xiaobai” “It’s very interesting to have the opportunity to talk about it alone.

The above pictures are Hennessy VSOP (cognac brandy), black party (whiskey), Chivas (whiskey), of course they are all cheap…

Next, introduce each base wine separately


Vodka, a classic spirit from Russia, a favorite of the fighting nation, a warm current series in winter, is a high-quality liquor distilled from corn, barley, potatoes, etc. as raw materials. Then add water to make a distilled spirit of about 40-60 degrees. The basic… is the smell of alcohol.
However, for this reason, the flavor of vodka itself is not very strong, and it is very easy to mix with any soft drink into a delicious drink.
famous brand:
Stolichaya Red Card Vodka (Soviet Red Card)
Absolut Vodka (absolute vodka), this is a Swedish brand that sells fiercely in China

Screwdriver, Moscow mule, Bloody Mary, Passion Coast


Johnnie Walker: Maybe many people are not familiar with this name. The Chinese people should be more familiar with red (card) and black (card)… The one in the middle of the first picture is black.
Jack Daniels: Well, it should be in KTV.
Common reconstituted wines:
Godfather, Manhattan, Jack Daniels and Coke? Does this count…
(But if you want to buy whiskey here, please do not buy any of the above brands, it is very expensive…please consider Ballantine, Bai Zhanbian)

Gin, also called geneva or gin, is this one.


Brandy, a wine made by distilling and concentrating wine. In fact, it is not necessarily grapes, as long as all fruit wines can be called brandy. The aging process still exists, general classification VS (over three years), VSOP (over four years of wine age), Napoleon (over six years of wine age), XO (over eight years of wine age), Extra (wine age over 15 years) Above), generally speaking, the longer the aging, the darker the color… But sorry, all wineries use caramel toning…
famous brand:
Hennessy: The first bottle in picture 1, expensive…can’t afford it
Remy Martin: Uh…I can’t afford anything I sell here anyway
Martell: Uh…I still can’t afford what I sell here anyway
(In fact, it’s not that brandy is expensive, but Chinese people drink it very expensive…)

Rum, sugar cane or molasses fermented and distilled wine, spicy taste and cheap, a must for sailors and pirates. It has a caramel aroma and is an essential ingredient for cocktail preparation.


I remember that in the past few years, I didn’t say anything about the six base wines, but with the popularity of tequila in recent years, there have been a lot of tequila cocktails. Tequila, from Mexico, is a distilled spirit series made from the core of agave grass. There is a aging process for agave, but the barrel is very random, and it can even be bottled (white) without aging, so the quality may vary greatly.
But tequila… the bottle looks good.


I’m so exhausted… Finally, I hope you can choose your favorite flavor after reading this article. In fact, you can buy and try it, but I really don’t recommend buying it all at once. After all, there are some I really can’t drink…


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