Four entry bartenders, easy to host party at home

Bartending can not only be enjoyed by yourself, but also shared with friends, and even can be enjoyed together in a party!

The party bartenders don’t need to be too nerve-wracking, as long as you master small skills and prepare a little material, you can make the party more innovative. Especially when banqueting guests at home, if you can master some bartending skills, you can not only stand in front of your friends, but also earn enough face.

Use color and decoration to stir up the atmosphere

Party bartending mainly uses colors and decorations to stir up the atmosphere, using the colors of various base wines to mix and match with other materials, such as Malibu Colada, using the characteristics of coconut rum, mixing pineapple and light cream, using light cream slightly The thick but not thick taste matches with the coconut flavor, and the drink has a special smell of beach coconut.

It is also like Summer Sour. It uses the light flavor of lychee wine as a base wine, combined with the sweet and sour taste of lemon juice and grapefruit juice. It is very suitable for women to adjust and enjoy themselves. Moreover, the mixing steps are simple and take less than ten minutes. Can be done.

Or like Dita Safari, it also uses the characteristics of lychee wine and paired it with common fruit passion fruit. Not only can it be mixed with passion fruit pulp, plus some apple juice and ice cubes, you can easily make a glass of cold and countertop cocktails In addition to self-drinking, it can also be shared with friends.

DiY can also make a beautiful appearance

For example, the special Kahlua Ice Cream, using the characteristics of coffee wine, mixed with vodka, ice cream, biscuits, etc., is like a cup of iced coffee and other desserts. If you don’t drink it, you won’t notice that this cup is Bartending, if you hold a party at home, just make this cup, you can win all the face.

Party bartenders also often have many ingredients placed on top of the bartenders. You can use the characteristics of various bartenders, spend a little bit of thought, and use a bit of knife work to decorate beautiful bartenders. Like Malibu Colada, because pineapples are used, as long as the leaves of the peel are pulled out and inserted on the pineapples, the appearance is full of summer; Kahlua Ice Cream needs to pick some biscuits such as rolls, and arrange them well. It can also increase the appearance of the bartender, and it can be very delicious with ice cream.

Dita Safari

Utilizing the aroma and acidity of passion fruit, paired with the special aroma of lychee wine, it is cool and sweet.

Ingredients: passion fruit, apple juice, orange juice, ice cubes, lychee wine
Cut half a passion fruit and dig its pulp into the cup.
Pour in a measuring cup of apple juice and a measuring cup of orange juice.
Similarly, add ice cubes to the nine-minute full of the cup, and fully shake it to complete.

Malibu Colada

The full coconut-style bartender uses the characteristics of coconut rum, mixed with pineapple and light cream, and has a slightly thick but not thick taste. It tastes like a summer beach.
Ingredients: pineapple, pineapple juice, light cream, coconut rum
Mash the diced pineapple in a cup.
Add light cream, pineapple juice, and finally add a nine-cent full ice cube to complete.
You can put pineapple slices on the edge of the cup or decorate with leaves.

Kahlua Ice Cream

It looks like a special hue of floating ice coffee, but it contains strong flavors of coffee wine and vodka. The rich taste is like a dessert in a cocktail.

Ingredients: light cream, chocolate or coffee flavored ice cream, chocolate or coffee flavored biscuits, ice cubes, vodka, coffee wine.
Pour the heavier coffee wine first, and add ice cubes that are eighth full.
Then pour in the lighter vodka.
Shake some light cream first, after foaming, put a spoonful of spoonful into the cup.
Finally, put ice cream and biscuits on it. It is recommended to use roll cake, and the taste is chocolate or coffee.

Summer Sour

A glass of cocktail full of fruit aroma, using the light flavor of lychee wine, with the sweet and sour lemon juice and grapefruit juice, the sweet and sour taste is very suitable for girls to enjoy.

Ingredients: lemon juice, grapefruit juice, fructose, ice cubes, lychee wine
First pour a measuring cup of lychee wine in the cup.
Add a measuring cup of fructose.
Pour one measuring cup of lemon juice and two measuring cups of grapefruit juice.
Add ice cubes, about nine minutes full of the cup, fully shake, and you are done.


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