Bartending methods are open: teaching and teaching three major bartending methods

There are many ways to mix cocktails. The main and auxiliary materials are manipulated by the bartender, and within a few minutes, they can be transformed into drinks with good color, aroma and taste. There are three main methods of bartending:

Bartending method one, blending method (ToBuild)

The blending method is to pour the wines in the formula directly into the cup according to the amount, without stirring. This method is suitable for two easily mixed drinks, and is more used for the preparation of rainbow wine (Push coffee).

Rainbow wine has three colors, four colors, five colors, and even six colors. Rainbow wine is a wine of different colors, poured into a glass, and the various colors are not confused with each other, the layers are distinct, the color is gorgeous, like a rainbow after rain.

Bartending method-preparing rainbow wine

The key to preparing rainbow wine is to accurately grasp the sugar content of various wines. The higher the sugar content, the greater the proportion, and vice versa. To prepare rainbow wine, wines with different sugar content and different colors should be used.

When preparing, pour the wine with higher specific gravity first, then pour the wine with lower specific gravity, and put the sugar-free wine at the end. If you do not pour them in order, or if the sugar content of the two colors of wine is very small, it will mix together and make a rainbow wine.

During operation, do not pour wine straight into the glass. The movement should be light, slow, and avoid shaking. In order to reduce the impulse of pouring wine and prevent the color layers from melting, a metal teaspoon can be inserted into the cup obliquely with the back of the teaspoon facing up, and the wine is poured on the back of the teaspoon, so that the wine will slowly flow down from the inner wall of the cup. The prepared rainbow wine should not be kept for a long time, otherwise the sugar in the wine will easily dissolve after a long time, which will make the wine color interpenetrate and blend.

The preparation of rainbow wine must also master the equal volume of the various colors injected, which looks even and distinct and the wine color is bright. In order to increase interest, the rainbow wine can be ignited and burned into flames, named Guanghui Pushi Coffee, to increase the joyful and interesting atmosphere.

When preparing rainbow wine with domestic wine, because there are not many types of colored wines containing multiple sugars, it brings certain difficulties. The alternative is to use syrup and food coloring to make various sweet wines. Make domestic rainbow wine.

Bartending method two, blending method (ToStir)

There are two kinds of blending methods: blending and filtering ice (Stir&Strain)

First add ice cubes to the mixing glass (MixingGlass), and then pour the wine into the mixing glass according to the formula. Hold the glass in your left hand and the bar spoon in your right hand. Place the spoon between the middle finger and the ring finger. The upper part of the spoon. Along the inside of the cocktail glass, quickly rotate and stir clockwise, about ten to fifteen revolutions, to cool the wine evenly. The mixing time should not be too short or too long, and should be mastered.

When pouring wine, hold the glass in your left hand, filter the ice cubes in your right hand with an ice strainer (Strainer), and pour the wine into the glass. If you don’t have an ice strainer, you can hold the glass in your left hand and use a long bar spoon in your right hand to block the ice cubes. Strain into the carrier cup. This method is called “mixing and filtering ice.” The drinks prepared by this method generally use cocktail glasses, such as Americano. Some wines do not need to filter ice when they are prepared by this method, so they are called simple “harmony”.

Bartending method three, shaking and method (ToShake)

When certain ingredients (sugar, cream, eggs, fruit juice) cannot be stably mixed with the base wine, a hand shaker is used to mix the wine. The specific method is: first add ice cubes, and then put the necessary materials into the pot in order according to the formula requirements.

Usually, put the ingredients in the pot to 60%, then install the lid and ice strainer, and you can shake. When holding the pot, your right thumb tightly presses the lid that faces you in front of you, the other fingers hold the pot body, the fingertips of the left middle finger are against the bottom of the pot, the thumb presses the ice filter, and the other fingers surround the pot body. Hold the shaker with your fingertips gently. When shaking, hold the shaker correctly, start with this posture, sway diagonally upward to close to the height of your eyes, and then back to the original position; then sway diagonally downward, then return to the original position, and so on. Until the materials are mixed together. When filtering wine, hold the pot with your left hand, open the top lid of the pot with your right hand, and filter the wine into the cocktail glass. The wine is filtered out through the small holes in the lid, while the ice cubes are kept in the pot. Posture or shaking the pot with one hand is also allowed.

The shaking time should be mastered, too long, the ice cubes will melt into water, which will reduce the alcohol content and become weak. Just shake it until the wine becomes cold, that is, when the outside of the metal shaker looks like hoarfrost.

In the cocktail shaker, do not add gas-containing materials such as soda to avoid foaming. Shake vigorously for materials that are not easy to mix, such as butter and eggs.

Cocktail glasses or champagne glasses are often used in cocktails prepared in this way, such as PinkLady and Margarita.

The colorful cocktails make people like them very much. So the four methods we brought today are definitely useful to teach you how to make delicious cocktails. Come and have a try.


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