Talk to the world’s top bartenders about “bartending”

Colin Peter Field, the chief bartender at the famous Hemingway Bar of the Ritz Hotel in Paris, was twice selected as the world’s best bartender by Forbes and Travel + Leisure magazines division. Observing his clean and white uniform, well-measured behavior and volume, one always thinks of Mr. Caesar Ritz’s point: “People like to be served by someone, but they must do it without showing signs.”
In today’s high-end hotel catering service, the four commandments that senior managers should follow are the standards he set up: look in the eyes without showing any form and color, listen in the heart without talking about words, and attentive and not servile. Intentionally commit to aspirations without forgetting self-assertion.

Every year, Mr. Colin Field will return to the Swiss Caesar Ritz University of Hotel Management (Cesar Ritz for short) as a guest lecturer to bring students an advanced bartending class that is both interesting and informative.

“Cesar Ritz is an important part of the Caesar Ritz family. THE RITZ is synonymous with luxury and nobility. I hope to pass on the unique passion and courage of the Ritz people to every student.”

It is not an exaggeration to describe this bartender as “famous scholar”, “historian”, and “world gourmet travel expert”. No matter what title you want to give Mr. Colin Field, once you meet him backstage at the bar, he will impress you. He will share with you some stories that make you laugh; you will not get bored during the whole service process, unknowingly drank the best drink you didn’t need.

How to make the perfect cocktail

Colin’s swaying technique is the legendary style of listening to the sea from the mountain

With very few exceptions, almost all the best cocktails use only 3 ingredients, and the classics often stand the test of time.

“To make a cocktail with a balanced taste, we should regard the base wine as the essence of wine making, and the remaining two raw materials as ingredients. For example, in Manhattan, whiskey is the base wine, and the flavor is bitters. , The one that adjusts the taste and texture is absinthe.”

Questions before making cocktails

The key to a perfect cocktail is not the cocktail itself, but the person. When I made cocktails for helicopter pilots, I insisted on getting on the helicopter with them and getting to know them in advance.

Knowing your customers is the most important step in any beverage preparation. You only need to figure out the following 5 questions, and you will basically have a general understanding of your customers.

  1. How old are they?
  2. What is their occupation?
  3. What is their usual dress?
  4. What is the guest doing half an hour before arrival?
  5. What is your purpose in preparing a cocktail for this person?

How to promote cocktails

A top bartender will not take orders. The responsibility of the bartender is to manage the bar and ensure that everything works smoothly when the order comes. For this reason, before they know themselves, you must understand and persuade your guests what they want.

You have to know how to guide the imagination of guests and set up a specific environment.

  1. Build the stage by telling the story behind the glass.
  2. Tell guests the details of making cocktails.
  3. Describe the posture of the entire cocktail.
  4. Explain the mysterious aroma released by the cocktail.
  5. Share your thoughts on this glass of wine with guests.

Mr. Colin Field’s choice of cocktails

“I usually choose cocktails based on what I wear.”

If I wear a tweed jacket, corduroy trousers, brown shoes and a brown belt, Bourbon Manhattan would be my first choice.

If I were trapped on a deserted island and had to choose a cocktail every day, I would choose French apple brandy (Calvados) and champagne cocktail Serendipity.

Of course, unless I wear a suit and tie, I would never drink a dry martini.

Mr. Colin Field’s choice of cocktails

“Bartending is a kind of handicraft. When you have received rigorous training and education to become a real bartender, this skill will be upgraded to an art form.”

In France, the art of bartending has a special equivalent certificate exam, which is awarded by the prestigious Paris Sorbonne University. France is the first country in the world to recognize the profession of bartenders, and for more than ten years, I have been working with the French Ministry of Education to strive for and successfully obtain national recognition. Every member of my team enrolled in the hotel academy and received a certificate of honor from Meilleures Ouvriers de France.

World-renowned bartender career

My career is very diverse. I used to work on the Orient Express, private yachts, and recently started working in the first class of Air France.

“The essence of The Ritz is to make people full of enthusiasm and enjoyment, and I am their ambassador. It exudes charming charm at all times.”

About the importance of communicating emotions

There is a reason behind any work I create. I hope this concept can be passed on to students of other majors, including those of CAA Culinary Arts Management University. For example, if their chef asks them to finish a chicken-related dish tomorrow, I hope they will first ask themselves what kind of connection should be established with the work, and what is their creative purpose, and then create a further one The emotion with the work.


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