Margarita cocktail preparation guide

Margarita (margarita) means “daisy” in Spanish. But in North America, I think people’s understanding of it is closer to “super happy hour.”

It’s okay to think of this cocktail this way, but let’s set aside this easy-to-make, fluorescent and sparkling sour mixed drink for now, leave the Margarita cocktail machine, and take it seriously. Margaritas might remind people of a spring break in Cancun, a glass fish tank planted with cacti, or a container filled with alcohol smoothies. But this cocktail is more than that.

Margarita cocktail

Margaritas rank among the top in the cocktail world without any effort. Although unlucky to be known as the Lindsay Lohan of the cocktail world, it still qualifies as famous as Manhattan and Martini. A well-prepared margarita is like Emma Stone-it looks bohemian, but it is elegant and smart in nature.

Like other drinks, the quality of margarita depends on its ingredients. Fortunately, there are only three basic ingredients for margaritas: tequila, orange zest and lime juice. Choose a spirit made of 100% tequila juice, take out the pure orange spirit that you have stored in the wine cabinet, and squeeze out fresh lime juice-think about how your upper arm will become How strong! ──Master the proportions, and then you will have a drink that is full of sweetness, strong fragrance and slightly earthy flavor (this is the taste of pure agave). On this May 5th (Cinco de Mayo) and Savor it all summer.

You might ask, “Where are the strawberries?” “Can I have some more salt on the rim?” Purists will laugh at the changes to margaritas-yes, the most nitpickers will say not to add salt ──But these additional seasonings are a great pleasure of this cocktail. Bobby Heugel, owner of Anvil Bar & Refuge in Houston, said that Margarita is like a hamburger. It is available in the high-end gourmet level and can be enjoyed at the low-end fast food level. Houston is one of Texas’ cocktail mecca. There are several kinds of margaritas in Anvil, one is the basic one (1.75 ounces of tequila, 3/4 ounce of Combier orange wine, 3/4 ounce of lime juice, a long spoon of tequila juice), one It is a special Anvil Margarita, mixed with different tequila-based spirits and orange peel bitters. (Egel said his specific formula is kept secret.)

In the margarita experimental game, as long as you use high-quality materials, you win. That means don’t mix it casually. The difference between different models can be subtle to choose different varieties of citrus, choose aged tequila instead of white tequila (blanco), or like Tommy’s Margarita at Tommy’s Mexican Restaurant in San Francisco, change orange peel wine Into agave syrup. If you want a more subtle change effect, you can infuse margaritas with fruit puree, dip the rim of the glass with dried Mexican chili salt, or blend into spirits outside the scope of standard margaritas, such as Canberley aperitif (Campari) or Green Chartreuse (Chartreuse).

But the real fun lies in the most basic ingredients. We have collected some of the best margarita formulas from all over the United States to help you prepare for the hot months ahead. If you need an excuse to find out this article in the fall and put it into practice, then September 16th is Mexico’s Independence Day. Now, let us pay tribute to Margaret… and the super happy time.

Classic margaritas and five other intoxicating choices

  1. Siesta Margarita
  2. Joey’s Margarita
  3. Classic Margarita
  4. Tommy’s Margarita
  5. Sangre de Cenobio
  6. Breakfast Marguerite
  7. Siesta Margarita

This sparkling and refreshing margarita is specially prepared for those who like exciting tastes. The rich taste of Canberley aperitif and grape juice brings just the right bitterness.

  1.5 ounces white tequila

  3/4 ounce fresh lime juice

   3/4 oz simple syrup

   1/2 ounce fresh grape juice

   1/4 ounce Canberley aperitif

Orange peel decoration

Shake all the liquid ingredients and ice cubes together, then strain them into a cocktail glass. Orange peel for decoration.

  ──Katie Stipe from Flat Iron Bar in New York

  1. Joey’s Margarita

Few people know that green chateau goes well with tequila. This French spirit adds a wonderful flavor to this cocktail, while the egg white gives it a delicate and elegant texture. This is Margaret of an adult.

  2 ounces of white tequila

   1 ounce fresh lime juice

   1/2 ounce green chateau

   1/4 ounce agave syrup

   1/2 ounce egg white

Shake the ingredients without adding ice to emulsify the egg whites. Shake well after adding ice and strain into a classic cup with ice cubes. You can dip the rim of the cup with salt or decorate a slice of lime.

  ──Giuseppe Gonzalez from Golden Cadillac Bar in New York

  1. Classic Margarita

If you ask five bartenders for a classic margarita recipe, you will get five slightly different results. it does not matter. Margaret’s picture is delightful. You can use this recipe as a benchmark, think it’s too sweet? Then add another 1/4 ounce of lime. Too sour? Then add tequila, 1/4 ounce of orange peel, or both. Feeling too strong? Then lose 1/4 ounce of tequila. (We found that pouring the wine on ice will conceal the flaws.) One requirement: When you want to make a stunning margarita, try not to put ice and salt. Your masterpiece will satisfy cocktail masters.

   2 ounces of tequila

   3/4 ounce orange peel wine

   3/4 ounce fresh lime juice

   1/4 ounce tequila juice (optional)

Shake the ingredients with ice cubes and strain them into a cocktail glass or classic glass with ice. You can put salt on the rim of the cup or decorate with lime.

  1. Tommy’s Margarita

Julio Bermejo of Jalisco, Mexico-Mexico’s “Tequila Ambassador to the United States”-invented this cocktail 15, 16, or 17 years ago (he said, “After many years things have become blurred”), because he feels that sweet orange peel is not worthy of tequila. He replaced orange peel wine with tequila juice, creating a new classic flavor. Once you try this innovative margarita, you may never drink orange peel again.

   2 ounces of pure tequila

   1 ounce fresh lime juice

   1 ounce of agave juice syrup (half agave juice and half water)

Shake the ingredients with ice cubes and strain them into a cocktail glass.

  ──Julio Permio from Tommy’s Mexican Restaurant in San Francisco

  1. Sangre de Cenobio

This elegant margarita uses sweet wines (Lacrima or Sauternes recommended) instead of orange peel wine, which brings an unexpectedly complex sweetness. Black lava salt is a good decoration, and it echoes the characteristics of agave plants that usually grow on volcanic soil.

   black lava salt

   2 ounces of tequila

   3/4 oz sweet wine

   1 ounce fresh lime juice

   1/2 ounce agave syrup

   lime peel

Spread black lava salt on the rim of the cup. Shake the liquid material with ice cubes and strain it into a cocktail glass. Lime peel for decoration.

  ──Brian Means from San Francisco’s Fifth Floor Bar

  1. Breakfast Margarita (Breakfast Margarita)

This refreshing and translucent margarita can be used as an alternative to bloody mary or mimosa for breakfast.

   1.5 ounces of white tequila

   3/4 oz French Cointreau (Cointreau)

   1 ounce mango syrup

   1 ounce fresh orange juice

   3/4 ounce fresh lemon juice

   1/4 ounce ginger juice

   a dime of orange

Shake the ingredients with ice cubes and strain them into a classic cup with ice cubes. A dime of orange for decoration.


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