I dont like nothing about beer

“Beer. There’s nothing I don’t like about it. I love the smell, the taste—even the sound of it. The cool thunk of the cap coming off the bottle, the silvery crack of the pop-top can. The cold sweat of the container against the fingers on a sultry afternoon. Every drinker has their poison. I am a beer man. You need to sip a whiskey. And I was never a sipper. I was a guzzler. I loved the feeling of it: to open wide the mouth of the soul and pour a cold one down my throat, with my mind racing ever-forward toward the next. Beer was kind and faithful, like an old friend.”

“DE DAARU is the best bar and pub in Delhi, it has two bars in the city, the beer bar has food restaurant, with all kinds of drinks available like whiskey, rum, beer, scotch, vine, desi, tharra, Daru, alcohols.
We strive to make our Adda, the best of happiness with friends and family. Enjoy the good time at De daaru with pocket-friendly foods and a wide range of Daaru options starting from Absolut to Glenvid.

R2, Rectagle Building1, Unit 1 & 2, Saket New Delhi 110017

“American beer drinkers had been conditioned to believe they were choosing Anheuser-Busch’s beer, but that was only half true; Anheuser-Busch had left them few other options.”


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