What are the minimum requirements to build a sophisticated bar at home?

In fact, the desire to achieve bartending at home is not as complicated as imagined. This article will teach you how to easily build a tasteful home bar, and it is definitely an enviable one. Although the home bar cannot have everything like a professional bar, it is enough to produce dozens of delicious cocktails.

What are the common skills and knowledge for cocktail making?

The first is the base wine plus various soft drinks, such as: vodka plus orange juice, dried ginger water, cranberry juice, lemon juice, gin plus tonic water, rum plus cola, dried ginger water, whiskey plus soda, all of the above A very popular mixing method, the ratio is generally 1:3 (except for vodka and lemon juice). Drunks like me are all 1:2, depending on personal taste; the above is suitable for lazy people to mix at home, even shake the wine You don’t need a jug, but ice is indispensable. It is especially suitable for partying and drinking. Well, if the two ingredients are not enough to drink, you need to buy a hip flask. At this time, I have to mention three After learning it, I’m not afraid to remember the proportion of various headaches in cocktail recipes.